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Sportskeeda launches revenue share platform for sports writers

revenue share

Ever since its inception, Sportskeeda has been championing the cause of aspiring sports writers by providing them with a platform to reach large audiences. Now, the website has gone a step further by giving both amateur and experienced sports writers a lucrative avenue to channel their skills.

The revenue share system launched in August promises to revolutionize the way sports writers shape their career.  Through this system, writers are paid a percentage of the revenue that Sportskeeda makes on their articles, thus ensuring a fair distribution of the benefits accrued.

Sportskeeda has always been an open platform; right from the beginning, any writer could sign up and submit their contribution which, if deemed acceptable by the editors, would be published on the site. That openness remains intact; new writers are still free to register on the site and start writing. But since August, there’s been a marked difference.

All the writers can now track their pay in real-time, by clicking on the ‘earnings’ tab in their profile page. This tab shows the amount accrued till date, and also gives a list of the articles that earned money.

By providing the details of the earnings in real-time, the system ensures transparency and accountability to the fullest. The writers have responded to this positively, with one of them going on record to say, “The hassle-free nature of this system is a welcome change. I don’t have to worry about how much I can earn or when I will be paid anymore.”

Porush Jain, the CEO of Sportskeeda, believes the revenue share platform can usher in a new era of robustness in the freelance sports writing industry. “What this system does is it tells all the writers how valuable their contributions are, and which segments of the market they appeal to the most. That in turn will help them fine-tune their writing so that their articles reach out to a wider audience. Ultimately, the readers would get what they want to read, while the writers would earn their due share of the credit – not just in intangible terms, but also in real hard cash. It’s a win-win for everyone concerned, and the industry as a whole could benefit from the process.”

The system is off to a good start, with registrations on the Sportskeeda site having increased by about 50% in the month since the launch of revenue share. The success of the system can only be gauged after a few more months have passed, but so far, the indications are looking quite good.

Mobile - Dashboard (1)
Sample of the dashboard for the Revenue Share model for writers

You can sign up as a writer at SK here.

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