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Sportkseeda joins hands with SRFI to promote squash in India

Sportskeeda has entered into an agreement with Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) as a Media Partner to promote the activities and events being organized by the federation.
India’s national squash coach Cyrus Poncha, who has been a regular writer at Sportskeeda for quite some time now, wanted to take the promotional activities related with squash to a whole new level. Poncha believes a platform like Sportskeeda can be leveraged in promoting a niche sport in the country, taking into account the huge readership numbers on the website in India.
The association has been formed with the sole objective of developing the sport of squash, which is played mostly in the metro cities by racquet sport enthusiasts. Squash’s growth in recent years, with India seeing laurels being brought by players like Sourav Ghoshal, Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa, has seen the youth take up this exciting game in large numbers.
While we have dedicated squash academies in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, the country is still ailing from a lack of infrastructure and appropriate facilities. That’s the gap that this association hopes to plug.
dipika and joshna
Joshna and Dipika playing against Hong Kong in the opening match of Incheon Asian Games

Since its inception, Sportskeeda has been putting efforts to maintain a balanced focus on the coverage of each and every sport, trying to prevent them from getting overshadowed by the popularity of cricket and football. This association could be marked as another bold step that Sportskeeda has taken to promote the sport on its newly-developed squash microsite, where readers and fans can get all the exclusive news and updates related to Indian and world squash from a single online source.

The content plan is designed to give extensive coverage to the emerging squash players through videos, interviews, and profile write-ups, which would also be shared on Sportskeeda’s social media outlets. There would also be extensive coverage of all SRFI-owned events (above 3-star rating) in India.
While action from the National Championship 2015 is about to unfold in the coming months, the Sportskeeda team is ready to put in every effort at promoting the wonderful sport of squash in coordination with SRFI.
About SRFI: The Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) was formed to oversee the promotion and development of the sport in India. It is currently headquartered in Chennai, and has more than 20 State Associations and affiliated units. All these units are actively involved in the promotion and development of the game.
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