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Bollywood movie Piku partners with Sportskeeda

The latest feather light and uplifting movie Piku from Shoojit Sircar is casting its magical spell over viewers everywhere. The rib-tickling comedy revolves around a road trip where the characters of different personalities get together and eventually find out the hidden compassionate love for the their family within themselves.

Deepika Padukone plays the lead role of Piku, a confident urban woman constantly annoyed at her garrulous dad Bhaskor (Amitabh Bachchan) who suffers from chronic constipation. Rana Chaudhary (Irfan khan), who secretly likes the girl, joins the trip as a driver when none of his employees agree to take up the job of going to Kolkata with Piku and her family.

The movie, apart from presenting a comic angle to a rather complex relationship between a daughter and a senile father, also acts as a wagon of opportunity for brands to showcase their products through in-film placements. Brands like Amul, Snapdeal, Parachute oil, Red label Tea are a few of the brands which could be seen mentioned subtly during the movie.piku poster

Vivek Krishnani, senior VP, Revenues and Marketing, MSM Motion Pictures says, “Piku is uniquely positioned because it has appeal across different age groups. Therefore, it is important for the film to travel to diverse audiences across the country”.

At Sportskeeda we cater to the youth and specialize in publishing sports related content, and we were one of the digital media partners of Piku. We promoted the movie extensively through our popular and high traffic generating platform. The movie banner was given the prime slot on the Sportskeeda homepage and the specially designed IPL 2015 microsite, encouraging youngsters to check out the movie at their nearest screen.

Associations like this are encouraging not just for the movies but also for the brands who get the chance to showcase their endorsement and partnership on the big screen.

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